How do I use credit notes?

How do I use credit notes?

Written by Morgan Nouet
Last update: Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019

With Sellsy you can create credit notes. A credit note is a negative invoice you send to a client, usually to cancel all or part of an invoice.

To create a credit note you have two options:

  • simple credit note: creating a free credit note, not linked to a document (you can later link it to one or more documents).
  • created from an invoice: credit note is directly linked to the document

Creating a credit note from the invoice

The most common method is to create a credit note for an invoice you want to cancel, partially or in full.

Do this from the preview of the invoice click the Create / Link a credit note button:

The system will then offer you to create a credit note for the invoice with all its lines. To this point, you can change the document if it is a partial credit note.

Save your credit note. It is then connected to the original invoice, as you can check in the Document history tab of the document:

At any time, you can find the credit notes attached to an invoice by clicking Crédit notes list from the preview of your invoice:

This window also allows you to unlink credit notes if necessary.

Of course, credit notes are shown on your invoice, as would a payment:

Creating a free credit note

You can also create a free credit note that will not be immediately attached to an invoice. You can then link it later, for example on your customer's next invoice or pay it directly to your customer.

To create a simple credit note, click the Document menu and then Create credit note.

You can then create your credit note like any document on Sellsy.

Once created, your credit note is created with To settle status.

To link your credit note to one or more invoices, click Link an invoice from the credit note preview:

The list of invoices of the client displays. Simply click the chain icon next to the invoices you want to link:

You can then choose how you want to allocate the credit note amount between the different

Then click Link to document to confirm.

Note: you do the same from the invoice by clicking Create / Link credit note on the preview of the invoice.

Refund a customer

In some cases, such as a return, you may wish to directly refund the customer.

To do so, from the Credit note preview, click Add a refund.

Then save your refund just as you would entre a payment on an invoice.

You can then access the list of refunds from the credit note preview.

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