[INTRODUCTION] Electronic signature add-on

[INTRODUCTION] Electronic signature add-on

Written by Morgan Nouet
Last update: Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019

The electronic signature module, offered with our partner YouSign, allows you to get your documents electronically signed.

The process is entirely integrated: you can send a signature request to your client and let him simply sign the document.

Once the document has been signed, you are informed in your Sellsy account.

Does the electronic signature have the same legal value as a handwriting signature?

Of course, and the authenticity level is even higher. In fact, an electronic signature can guarantees the signatory's identity and the document's integrity.

Which kind of documents can be signed?

Electronic signature can be applied to any kind of PDF document: invoices, estimates, order forms...

Can several person sign a document?

Of course, and this is what is awesome! You can invite as many people as you wish to, anywhere in the world. These persons will be notified by email, can sign in a few clicks. They don't have to pay or even register!

Electronic signature add-on

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Written by Morgan Nouet.