Using auxiliary accounting

Using auxiliary accounting

Written by Hervé Taillieu
Last update: Monday, Jun 17, 2019

The accounting export module allows you to manage an auxiliary accounting.

The generation of auxiliary accounts on the customer master records and on the supplier master records is automatic in Sellsy.

Auxiliary Accounting Settings

Go to Settings> Sellsy Modules> Accounting> Auxiliary Accounting

Check "Use of auxiliary accounts"

You can then set the format of your accounts:

- Code: the account root for customers and for suppliers

- Format: the character number of the customer / supplier name

- Counter: it is generated automatically to avoid duplicates

The option "Apply to all contacts (customers, suppliers)" allow you to overwrite all your current auxiliary accounts. This option is especially useful if you want to put your customers / suppliers in the new format chosen.

Using auxiliary accounts

When you create a new customer / supplier, the auxiliary account will automatically generate itself after entering its name.

This account is editable at any time. At generation, we check not to create duplicates, but if you want to group some customers / suppliers under the same auxiliary account, we do not prevent duplicates to change.

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